Do you have the Wanderlust spirit?

¿Tienes el espíritu Wanderlust?

Wanderlust is a German word made up of [wander] walk , and [lust] desire , and its definition is not limited to wanting travel, but to have a strong drive to discover new places. It is a irrepressible feeling that makes you need to travel to places that still hide secrets for you.

It is clear that traveling is something that we all like, breaking with the routine and monotony of work is not something that we just love, but we need to maintain balance. But a person who has the spirit of wanderlust goes much further. You feel an impulse that you cannot stop, nor describe, to know cultures, societies and inhospitable places . You feel a tickle if you've been standing in one place for a long time and you know you have to get going again.

People who have this spirit as soon as they return from a trip are already planning the next one. Stations or airports excite them and are places that give off happiness, adventure and great expectations . They are aware of travel news, either with a blog or even through influencers. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, when they are traveling they are much more interested in locals and culture than in merely tourist areas and that people are tired of seeing in photos or reports.

Be careful! According to biologist Dawn Maslar, from Kaplan University this feeling could have a genetic explanation. According to her, this sentiment could emerge from the DRD4 gene on chromosome 11: “The DRD4 gene contains the instructions for building dopamine receptors. We can consider that dopamine is the chemical in charge of giving the brain some pleasure. "

In addition, Javier Ríos, a Psychologist at UNAM comments that if you travel a lot "you will have many benefits when traveling, the main one being ability to adapt to new changes. This skill is very important in the job market because it will give you visibility over other candidates and applicants in the job world ”. This is because people who travel a lot often leave their comfort zone , so they are attentive to new challenges without taking too much into account if they already have experience, because they think about where they are going to acquire.

Without a doubt, people who travel a lot are made of another type of paste, because not only are they more than used to learning on the go, but whether they work as a team or alone they will do it perfectly, and not just talking about work, but before any challenge in life. They know how to recognize the value of people and they know to communicate very easily.

So it is clear that people with the wanderlust spirit not only travel, but discover the world and are fascinated and excited with every little difference they find.

And you? Do you have the wanderlust spirit?

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