NEW! High-Quality Eco-friendly Thermal Bottles.

¡NOVEDAD! Botellas térmicas de alta calidad, respetuosas con el medio ambiente.

We know you were waiting for this moment, and it has finally arrived! At Miss Wood, we have the honour to present our new stainless steel bottle. And there's more! It will maintain your drinks hot up to 12 hours, and cold up to 24. Cool, isn't it?

We have designed this way because at Miss Wood we try to be as respectful as we can with the environment, so we have created it with durable materials and the least harmful for the planet: double stainless steel wall, finished in bamboo wood and 100% BPA-free.

We have also created it light and resistant so that you can take it anywhere without problems. It has a wide mouth, so you can add ice to your drinks when the heat is too intense, it does not retain any smell or flavour, and has a capacity of 0.5L.

We have created six exclusive colors to match our backpacks, so you can combine them as you like, so put your creativity at work! Start your next adventure staying hydrated, respecting the environment and willing to conquer the world.

Antarctic, Colima, Yellowstone, Atlantic, Etna or Fuji! All with our Woody Map classic design.

New bottles Miss Wood

We want you to enjoy every experience and adventure that comes your way, so you should not forget to bring our new bottle with you to keep your drinks hot and cold, save plastics and other polluting elements.

Throughout the last ten years, humans have produced more plastic than during the rest of the century. For this, we want to commit ourselves to take care of the planet, putting our two cents in the reduction of plastics produced and consumed thanks to the Miss Wood Bottle.

Every little gesture counts, here are some tips so that our stay on Earth has the least possible impact:

  • Always carry reusable utensils in your bag, backpack or car.
  • Take the Miss Wood Bottle with you to cafes and restaurants!
  • Today almost everything can be had in digital format, including airline tickets so try not to print too much.
  • If you really have to use containers and plastics, do not forget to recycle them in the appropriate bin.
  • Investigate! There are many objects that we can give them a second life, and YouTube is full of tutorials.
  • Now that you are a recycling expert tell your family and friends why and how to do their best to take care of our planet.

Caring for the environment and yourself is not incompatible with comfort and style, ready for your next adventure?

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