Woody, it all started with you

Woody, contigo empezó todo

Miss Wood and wood are two inseparable concepts. The Woody was the beginning of everything, and it is that it all started with a piece of wood, a phrase and the idea of ​​starting a smile.

We would like to dedicate a space within our blog to wood and more specifically to our Woody.

The idea that came from the antipodes

And it is already history in Miss Wood as from a wooden souvenir from New Zealand arose the spark that explains who we are today.

And why not give a fresh touch to a piece of wood in the form of a phrase? And so it all began.

The Woody

Let's dig a little deeper into the nature of Woody. First and foremost, your material. To make the product the first thing is to have a quality material. But we decided to go further and as a sustainable company we decided on fir wood from sustainable forests in northern Europe.

We have the raw material. Now it remains to give it life. The first thing is to decide the color of the wood among those available.

And we got to the heart of the matter, the time to screen print the product. The period of time in which a piece of wood receives the Miss Wood Touch and becomes a Woody through the chosen design.

The phrases

The essential part of Woody's success is the phrases. Some remind us of our childhood (Hakuna Matata), others of the past past (Don’t walk, dance) but all have the objective of charging our batteries every time we see them hanging on the wall.



The first format was the Woody standard in its 3 varieties organized by sizes S, M and L to perfectly fit all the spaces in your house. After that came two different formats, the Woody Board and the Woody Dock.


The first with a purely decorative vocation and thinking of our fans who love surfing. A small table with surf messages. The second, the Woody Dock, was conceived as something more functional. A wooden tabletop support for your mobile phone always with the design touch that characterizes all Miss Wood products.


In your image and likeness

Parallel to the creation of our designs came the idea of ​​making them fully personalized. That is, you tell us what you want and we translate it into a Woody with the incomparable Miss Wood style and ready for an original Nordic decoration.

What? Do you dare to personalize?

Of all the colors, sizes and formats, the Woody is and will be one of the pillars within the Miss Wood style. So now you know, cheer up and put Miss Wood in your life.


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