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Decorative photos, prints, and frames for your walls

Dress up your home with your best memories, be it Polaroids hung on a garland of lights or a frame with your favourite snap in the living room. Here you'll find everything you need to add your unique touch to the walls of any room.

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Practical guide for creating a wall decor

Do you know the blank page syndrome? That feeling of lack of inspiration when faced with that emptiness and not knowing where to start? The same applies to decorating, especially when faced with a spotless surface that you would like to make unique. Miss Wood is here to help you style your walls with this guide full of ideas you'll love.

Create the perfect wall with pictures and photos

Find ideas to arrange pictures or unique alternatives for decorating with photos.

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Basic rules for hanging pictures

The placement you choose is crucial, as the wrong composition can generate visual noise. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

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How to hang pictures without nails

There are many reasons you might want to avoid drilling holes in the wall. Therefore, here are some tricks to hang your paintings and achieve a flawless result without damaging anything.

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Tips for hanging pictures like a pro

Hang your pictures like a true professional and avoid damaging the walls by considering factors such as the type of wall or the frame's weight. 

Learn how to hang a painting with a drill

Tips and ideas for a gallery wall

Finally, you know how to properly use a drill, so hanging some more frames should be child's play! Just keep a few details in mind.

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Photo hanging ideas for your wall

Make the most unforgettable moments of your life an emblematic part of your home décor. Discover the best tips for creating a photo composition in your fave room.

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Our customers' most frequently asked questions

The easiest and cheapest way to hang a painting without nails is to use double-sided tape, adhesive Velcro, wire or adhesive hooks. Read this article and find out how to use each solution.

First, we advise you to create a layout on the floor with the pictures upside down. Measure the distances between the hooks and when you transfer them to the wall, use a spirit level to make sure they are well aligned. Here are all the necessary steps for doing it optimally.

Of course, you can! Just choose the frame size, upload your photo(s) and select the colour. Click here to see all available options. 

The available sizes are: 15 × 20 cm, 21 × 30 cm, 30 × 40 cm and 50 × 70 cm.

Click here and choose your fave.

With the photo editor on our website, it is child's play. Simply upload your pics and, once done, customize them to your liking by changing the colour of the frame or adding text. Find out all available packs and sizes here

Production can vary between 1 and 5 working days. Once the photos are printed, we will ship them to you, and the delivery time will depend on the shipping method you picked.