What is a Sagittarius like?

Those born between November 23 and December 22 are Sagittarius as a zodiac sign. From the Latin sagittārius, literally meaning "the archer". It is one of the brightest and most positive signs of the zodiac. They are very open-minded and willing to live new experiences and adventures. Check out the gifts we have prepared for this sign.

November 23 - December 22

Original Gift Ideas for a Sagittarius

Here you will find the entire collection of astrology for Sagittarius. Unique and personalized details for horoscope lovers.

Notebook for a Sagittarius

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Picture with the symbol of Sagittarius

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Personalized Poster with the Sagittarius constellation

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Personalized Sagittarius Keychain

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Star map for a Sagittarius and his match

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Curiosities about Sagittarius

Sagittarius constellation

She is depicted as a centaur holding a bow. The archer is said to shoot Scorpius, who had been sent to kill Orion the Hunter.

Sagittarius Sign

Its sign represents the archer's arrow and symbolizes higher consciousness.

Sagittarius Symbol

Its symbol is a centaur, which was a race of men in Greek mythology, with the lower half of a horse and the upper half of a man.

Planet of Sagittarius

This zodiac sign has Jupiter as ruler. This planet favors the triumph and the fulfillment of desires.

Sagittarius Element

Together with Aries and Leo, they belong to the Fire element. They are very passionate and carpe diem could be their motto in life.

Sagittarius Colors

The colors associated with this sign are purple and violet. Although also green. These colors favor their positive energy and exalt good feelings.

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