2x1 in Safe and Reusable Masks

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2x1 in Mask with filters EPI Proveil® grado B

The most beautiful masks on the market


icono algodón orgánico

Organic cotton

We use organic cotton instead of polyester, so your skin won't be irritated.
Icono Filtro Proveil FFP2

FFP2 Provider Filters

It incorporates 3 washable and interchangeable filters that are used in FFP2 filtering masks.
Icono Producción Local

Local Production

Saul is a wedding dressmaker who, in view of the crisis, has decided to add his talent to our project.
Icono 1 Euro

We donate 1€

Each order placed in our online shop will be donated 1 ? to the IRSICaixa Foundation.
Icono Reutilizable


Its useful life lasts up to approximately 110 washes. We want you to not throw it away after use.
Icono Normativa


The materials, design, manufacture, marking and use comply with the UNE 0065:2020 standard.

Explanatory Video (Co-founder)

One of our founders tells you first hand the main characteristics of our mask.


Filter Proveil® grado B

- Nanofiber filtration layer with pore size more than 10 times smaller than conventional materials.

- It effectively captures respirable airborne particles, including viruses, while maintaining good breathability for user comfort.

- Filtration performance does not degrade over time or when exposed to moisture.

- Designed to allow washing and steam sterilization.

- The Proveil ® filter material is extremely thin and lightweight and yet can be used safely for days instead of hours, without loss of performance.

Why this offer?

The use of masks is necessary to protect against the coronavirus. This situation has made the consumption of single-use plastic unavoidable.

During WWF's Blue Oceans initiative, members of the Oceans Asia organization have found thousands of masks turned into waste on uninhabited islands.

Faced with this situation, we think that another way we can help the planet is by promoting reusable masks.

FFP2 Anti-Virus Masks

Miss Wood Mask mascarilla reutilizable FFP2 con filtros

Protect the World

Now that you know everything about our mask, we encourage you to try it and tell us how it works! We want to give you the chance to have several quality reusable masks at the best price we can afford.

Enjoy the planet