5 Airbnb apartments in Barcelona you should know

5 apartamentos de Airbnb en Barcelona que deberías conocer

During the last two years, the tendency to assist tourists or people who spend days in different cities of the world for work has become one more service. We could take you to different fields: What do you have enough space in your car for your trip? Get travel companions to share space and gasoline; Do you have a room that nobody uses at home? You rent it out; do you use the car only on weekends? Rent it during the week.

Through different applications for this kind of cooperation, we have the possibility to negotiate with our properties ourselves, to give hospitality and, why not, to get some extra money, which is always good! This is what we often hear lately as collaborative economics.

There are many services, yet we are going to focus on one that captures the attention of most of society at this very moment of vacation, Airbnb. How does it work? It's all about providing that empty room we were talking about, or even your whole house. But you are the boss, so you set the price and the availability. In this way, more than 900,000 accommodations are now available worldwide.

Many of the experiences are positive thanks to the transparency that exists in the same Airbnb page. The information of the apartment owner's profile, the description, the accompanying photographs and the ratings made by other customers bring the experience even closer to the users.

Next, and as good travellers, we want to make your work easier and save you a little time. We let you know 5 of the Airbnb apartments that you should know in our city. All of them with different styles and prices and with situations in different parts of the city that we think you can enjoy more.

Luxury Penthouse Apartment with a high terrace


45 m2 of a very cool apartment and 90 m2 of terrace on 2 levels with chill-out zone and barbecue area. A very well equipped apartment with those American kitchens that we like so much, parquet flooring throughout the room and a beautiful room for 2 people. Without a doubt, one of the best lofts in the beautiful area of Les Corts-Sarrià, a nice neighborhood and very close to the center.

Boho-style loft and a terrace that makes you fall in love in the Raval


A charming penthouse in the heart of Barcelona. It has a super modern urban decoration and is very close to top places like the Boqueria, the Rambla or the MACBA museum. It is a very charming space, especially because of its terrace, which could be typical of a country house. A retro and cosy atmosphere with designer furniture and ready to welcome anyone who wants to get to know the beautiful Catalan city.

Scandinavian-style duplex

Scandinavian duplex

At the foot of the ramblas and surrounded by some of the best restaurants in the area, this flat, decorated in the Nordic style, has had its last renovation in 2016. Light, plants, large windows and a studio where you could work, if you are in Barcelona for professional reasons. Spacious, luminous, comfortable... it could be without a doubt the apartment of your dreams for each one of your days.

Charming loft in Plaza Cataluña


From the very Plaza Cataluña another loft is presented, more modest but more comfortable. With a dream situation, it has at its feet the busiest square in the city, the Paseo de Gracia, and is very close to the Cathedral, the beach, and the Ramblas. One of the situations of Barcelona that more like and enjoying the tranquility that offers the small street in which it is located. A little bit smaller than the previous ones, it is not left behind because of its comfort highlighted by its guests who have already had the experience of being there. With a decoration with a very personal touch and more typical of the French side, this little corner achieves its maximum points due to its privileged location.

Chill-out loft and large windows


And lastly, a loft that exudes good rollismo with a single image. Natural light comes in through its large windows letting a very chill-out atmosphere flow with pallet sofas and a decoration that mixes summer apartment touches with an industrial design point. In addition, it is located in one of the fashionable neighborhoods, in Poble Nou. Views of the Torre Agbar and the newest buildings in the 22@ area.

A way to cooperate and collaborate that benefits both parties, owner and traveller. Some of these experiences do not stop there, but sometimes friendships can even arise when there are affinities between the parties and they can even share meals, walks or excursions. Something that can make our stay in any corner of the world even more special and exclusive.

As good lovers of our Catalan land, from Miss Wood we hope that this article can be of interest not only for those foreign travelers, but also for all those who come from the different communities of the country. Whatever your adventure, Barcelona deserves a few hours of your time to get lost in its magical streets, visit its monuments, parks and museums. But above all, live it by getting lost in its wonderful and different neighborhoods.

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