7 handmade brands that will blow your mind

7 marcas handmade que te van a chiflar

The handmade art has become especially important in recent years. The brand made artesanal, unique and with creators who are true artists monopolize much of the social networks and websites online.

Internet and social media have been, without a doubt, the great showcase for creators of products with a lot of art that, nowadays, fascinate us. Perhaps a few years ago we would never have got to know them.

A trend of artistic crafts that arouse admiration and passion of many fans who want to learn how to do for example patchwork. The different tutorials on Youtube and videoblogs are the ones that people follow with fervor and, the fact is that they end up being the artists who make many of the products themselves.

Some articles tell us that the handmade boom has been the result of the crisis, although many also agree on the fact that creativity seemed to be somewhat asleep some time ago. We had gotten used to it and the impulse buying had overshadowed everything that was artistic and meticulously done. Fortunately, we are now moving in a different direction and this type of product is attracting the attention, admiration and recognition of many.

Passion for handmade

This wave has led to many workshops and courses related to handmade. Currently, some of the most fashionable are those related to the personalization of objects. This can be related for example to furniture restoration or object restoration and recycling.

Since Miss Wood, of course, we're super fans of the handmade. So much so that we dared to create this company to make all our products this way. Giving it our touch of Nordic, organic style and trying to transmit our travelling spirit to our woodies and decorative maps. Still, we are also fans and followers of many other handmade brands that we love and want to share them with you. Here is a small selection of them:

Sister Golden Shop

The good taste and the art of making beautiful things of an American mother and daughter led them to create and show everyone cushions, floral decoration, ceramics, bags and beautiful prints among other creations. With a "boho" style they give light to many spaces that fill with life.

Handmade Beauty

From Madrid, Diana Burillo has a very attractive project that is growing little by little. Handmade beauty and personal care products with a natural cosmetic of the most studied to provide many benefits that help to improve inside and out.


One of our favorites is the PPStudio namesake. Real professional graphic design artists. We are fascinated by their lettering creations and invitation cards for different events.

Texture factory

A 100% "Do-it-yourself" project is how the couple behind Texture Factory defines themselves. They go beyond the very design of an object. How do they do it? By experimenting with craft and plastic arts techniques, they recover by transforming the traditional craftsmanship to make it more modern. From Madrid, these young people have the challenge of putting the DIY label on everything that is put before them.

Antic & Chic

Another young couple from Girona who have been leaving everyone speechless with their style for the restoration of furniture and antique objects. A plastic artist and the son of a carpenter who decided to join forces to give shape to a project that is already more than recognized by many people who love their production. In addition, the couple carries out recycling and furniture restoration workshops that are a great success.

Fauna and Flora

A young couple that changed the busy life of Barcelona for the nature and the beautiful landscapes of the Garrotxa, in Girona. From their home surrounded by green, they find the perfect inspiration to create a delicate jewelry design that is beautifully rendered. So much so, that since they launched their project in 2011, they have not stopped producing and growing. At present, Fauna y Flora has more than 50 points of sale throughout Spain and attends all major trade fairs.

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