Bali, perfect for all travelers

Bali, perfecto para todos los viajeros

Bali: The treasure of two oceans

It doesn't matter what kind of traveller you are, because Bali has a place for you. Its food and people will delight you and there is so much to see, that even our recommended 2 week stay might not seem much to you. Come with us to discover this treasure that lies between the Indian and the Pacific.


The best time is the dry season, between April and October. The rest is the wet season, where the rains and monsoons occur, which are very strong rainstorms for a short period of time.


Tell me what you want and I'll tell you where to do it from Bali. From learning how to surf and enjoying the top breakfast in Canggu, to having the best views on top of the cliffs in the Bukit area. Don't forget to climb the crater of Batur volcano (three hours walk, suitable for all ages, best done with a guide). Any adventure you wish can be done on this wonderful island.

Although if you want to see the most impressive beaches and see turtles while snorkeling, you must take a ferry to the island of Gili. There are many companies, you can easily find them in almost every corner, and they organize the whole trip to Gili. The same ferry takes you to 3 islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Lombok), one week is more than enough time to see them. If you go to Lombok, keep in mind that everyone is Muslim and, especially if you are a girl, you might get noticed if you go too summery. It is advisable that you do not go on motorbike trips on the roads at night. We recommend that you stay in the Kuta area and make sure you are in the village before it gets dark.

Ubud is another must in Bali, the view of the rice fields and the peace that you can breathe, will leave you speechless. Surely you have already planned to visit Tanah Lot, also known as the Temple of the Land in the Sea. Built on an islet, it is one of the most photographic and beautiful formations on the island. Usually people go there at sunset, for that reason, we advise you to get up early and watch the sunrise to avoid crowds of people.


Balinese culture is very rich and varied, and it is part of the daily life of its inhabitants. It has its own identity and a wide range of dances, songs and traditions that are far removed from the rest of Indonesia.

In the celebrations you can enjoy these dances, but if your trip does not coincide with any of them do not worry, because there are places where they perform them specifically for tourists. The dances were related to religious rites and although in essence it is still like that, more and more they are performed as a way to entertain the spirit.

Because they have always been in touch with so many cultures, the Balinese are very friendly and open-minded people and will want to help you whenever you need it.


Download GoJek, an app that would be something like a mix of Uber and Glovo. Perhaps to use it as a taxi is something complicated since they have very competitive prices and they have to act in a very disguised way so as not to have problems with the taxi drivers, they could leave you stranded if you make them go to look for a tourist area where there could be other taxi drivers. But it can be very useful to move very economically going from package to motorcycle, or to order food at home or even massages!

Whatever happens to you or you need, don't be afraid to ask the local people. They will give you the best advice in most cases and make good recommendations.

Rent a motorbike and move around the island with it. As soon as you can, fill up your tank at a normal petrol station, as it is much more convenient than comparing the bottles at the stops they sell you. They are usually mixed with water and, apart from being more expensive, you will cover less km with a litre of bottle than with a litre of petrol. Although there are times when you have no choice because there are not always gas stations nearby. Take a shoulder bag or buy masks in a pharmacy so that you don't swallow all the pollution from long motorcycle trips.

Remember that even if you see people not wearing their helmets, when you leave the villages and enter the roads, the police may stop you and fine you for going without them. In fact, any excuse is good enough to stop a tourist and they will try to take all the money you have on you. Try to take the money hidden and get them out a bit by saying that it's the only thing you have so that they stay calm and let you go. Don't be scared if it looks like you're never going to leave, they just want your money and when they see you're wasting their time, they'll let you go. Never give them the keys to the bike and make sure they don't take them away from you.


You will probably feel like eating something without stopping the activity, so take advantage and eat in one of their many warung, street food stands. Tasty, abundant and cheap, what more could you ask for?

Have a gado-gad salad between feasts to relax your body: vegetables, shrimp bread and peanut sauce, delicious! Accompany it with the traditional tea, the bothol.

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