Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay, Australia

The calm of a small area with the wonderful waves, sports and adventures of Australia is the perfect balance for a holiday. In this city you will see very relaxed people, who know how to enjoy with the peace that life deserves, and all this has its reason in the history of Byron Bay, do you want to know it?


Any time of year is good to go to Byron Bay because they have a very mild climate, but during our summer, which is their winter (remember, reverse seasons!), you'll get rid of the crowds and festivals that are very crowded in November and December. February, March and April are the rainy months, so the weather is very mild for May.


What you certainly can't miss is the city lighthouse. It's the most powerful in Australia and was built in 1900. Be very careful when you go, because it is a perfect place for humpback whale watching, since it is located in the area that enters the sea more to the east.

Between May and September is the migration of these fantastic mammals towards the north, they go in search of better krill and other animals, which are more abundant in this season in cold waters, due to their mating cycles you may coincide with some newborns or some mothers about to give birth, do not go to miss it! From Byron Bay you have the perfect location to watch them play on their long journey.

Another adventure you can have here is kayaking with dolphins. Dare to walk with these playful and friendly mammals. For the more adventurous and those who want to have stronger emotions we also have activities, such as doing a tandem jump from 4,500 meters, do you dare?


Byron Bay used to be a small fishing and whaling village as it was the most ocean-going piece of land in Australia. Luckily, between the 60s and 70s, hippies and surfers arrived and fell in love with the area, decided to stay and started a fight against whaling. Today, it still retains its hippie essence and has a reputation as an alternative place to party in the summer and find peace and quiet the rest of the year.


In Australia they have a very different English to the one you know. They shorten many words, and some words are directly different, so look for the most important changes in order to understand you perfectly with the Aussies.

Australians take great care of their flora and fauna and it is the country with the most areas recognized by UNESCO as world heritage, remember to always be respectful of the environments you visit (although this applies wherever you go!) There are over 400 Aboriginal peoples and all have distinct cultural and social features. The law is very respectful of them and their territory extends throughout Australia. The colour of the skin is not an identifying feature of an Australian Aboriginal, the criteria are purely cultural, wow!


The barramundi fish is only found in Australia and New Guinea, so it is traditional to this country. Fried, baked or barbecued, you will find it in many ways and it has a very mild taste. Pavlova is the traditional dessert of this area, and Australia and New Zealand dispute its origin. It is very light and is usually served with red fruits.

Did you know that kangaroo and crocodile meat is typical in Australia? It may sound strange to us, and many of us will not even want to try it, but for them it is something normal and part of everyday life. So don't panic if you see it advertised or recommended in restaurants.

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