Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love

Filadelfia, la ciudad del amor fraternal

Philadelphia, the birth of America

Philadelphia is a city full of culture, and of university students, but above all, of history. Its streets hide the entire journey of American independence and its buildings and museums tell us an exciting story that has nothing to envy the old continent.


1- Without a doubt, the best time to go is in July, and not only because of the good temperature you will find, but because this month the city is full of festivities because it was a turning point in the independence of the USA: Come and discover why with me.


2- This city is also famous for being a great focus of university students, in fact, it has a neighborhood called University City, you can find a lot of partying, but also museums and galleries.

3- If museums are your thing, this is your city. It has many, but one of the most remarkable is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, its building is known for being in a Rocky movie.

4- Another must is the Barnes Foundation, where you will find works by Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and Renoir.


5- Luigi's Fresh Pizza. The quantities are great, and the pasta is great too. It's a wonderful place to grab a quick bite on the way to the museums.

6- Federal Donut specializes in fried chicken and donut. Yeah, how do you hear it, fried chicken and doughnut. Everything is delicious and they already have three places, with a lot of variety in price you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in this same place, but make sure you don't hate chicken.

7-Jones. Traditional and simple home cooking for when you get tired of fast food and huge American portions, although prices are not the lowest.

EXTRA- History

The birth of this city is as exciting as its streets. The Quakers, a religious group that was persecuted in Great Britain, arrived to the coast of Massachusetts. William Penn wanted to make Philadelphia a place of religious freedom because of these persecutions, so the name of this city means brotherly love. It ended up being the most populated city of the colonies, becoming the capital between 1790 and 1799. The first two Continental Congresses were held here and the Declaration of Independence was signed, so we can say that Philadelphia was where the beginning of what we now know as the United States was forged.

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