The geometric decoration invades our home

La decoración geométrica invade nuestros hogares

As we know, in connection with trendy style there’s nothing written. Nothing could be more true than the trendy is also in all fields, of course in the decoration. Trends are in continuous movement and, at the end, that is what make us to stay alert to trends and developments in decoration area. We all like that those little places where we invest hours are as pleasant as possible.

An evidence that currently is being part of all decorative displays are geometric motifs. Lines, dots, rhombuses, straight lines, triangles take the reins and decorate your house to be on the crest of the wave concerning to decoration.

The geometry can give multiple possibilities to your home and will allow you to give that look that you were looking for to break with that monotony that sometimes, the environments can transmit.

Geometric lamps

If you want to give your home that touch of modernity even futuristic, geometric lamps can be one of the perfect complements. Simple lines with a great architectural essence that will bring to your home that elegance you were looking for. In addition, if the style that you chose for your living room is the industrial, the geometric lamp can end up being the real icing on the cake for a perfect atmosphere.

Geometric chairs

As far as chairs are concerned, the geometry also is getting importance. In this case, it is not new because already at the beginning of the XX some artists like Thonet, Cassina or Macintosh revolutionized the first years of the last century with industrial chairs with the geometry like central axis. Trying to recreate those forms that we studied during so many years of desk, the geometric chairs lead us to even think of ways that we can only achieve with origami. Chairs that can dress our dining table in the best way while offering, at the same time, the comfort and ergonomics sought.

Geometric tables

The geometric tables are another element that is taking importance and occupying covers of all editions of furniture magazines. If you want to immerse yourself in this style, the tables, and especially the coffee tables, can undoubtedly recreate the Nordic atmosphere that you were looking for. The geometry on the tables can be recreated throughout the piece or, according to the designer, with a set of combinations between the legs and the board as preferred. In any case, the table is usually one of the fundamental pieces to provide that visual depth in which our eye can appreciate the game of geometries.

Hexagonal mirrors

These have been the latest trend in the geometric surge. Thanks to them we can achieve depth, light, dynamism, originality, creativity… We would not end up with the list of benefits that can have on any surface.

Allthough it is an old decorative motif and as it is said, symbol of beauty and magic, this contraption is not lacking in any of our homes. Its great functionality in the bathrooms or in the entrances of the house make it indispensable. Who gives you the last review to our dream face before going to work?

These also join the shapes and walls of bathrooms, dining rooms or bedrooms with touches ranging from minimalism and industrial to the classic prints of the 70s if we play the combinations. The power of the Imagination according to the dimensions we have in our home. However, elegance and sophistication will be guaranteed. 

In short, the geometry applied to the decoration is equal to a huge range of possibilities and combinations that can give us an exquisite result in any home. Of course, always using it with moderation and using it with pleasure will bring us the comfort and elegance in one.

What is more, that decorative line can combine with another trendy materials made of cork. Don’t miss it, we show you some cool examples of that geometric combinations with other decoration peaces made of cork, as our Woody Map.

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