The 7 places in the world that we will no longer be able to visit

Los 7 lugares del mundo que ya no podremos visitar

The seven places that have disappeared

Come with us to discover places we won't be able to see anymore - or almost. Have you been able to visit any of them? If you have photos in these emblematic places, share them with us in the comments.

1- Ferdinandea Island, Sicily

This island south of Sicily was last seen in 1831. Of volcanic origin, it appears and disappears throughout history, and is currently submerged. In 2002, the peak was only 5 meters below sea level, which put the conversation about its sovereignty back on track. Do you think we will see it appear?

2- The Tunnel Tree, USA

This impressive sequoia was hollow inside, and in 1880, the owner of the land tunneled his customers through it. He wanted to emulate Yosemite's Wawona tree. Unfortunately in January 2017 there was a storm and due to the floods the tree did not resist and fell. Were you one of the privileged people who passed through it?

3- El dedo de dios, Spain.

Its official name is Roque Partido, and it was located in the northwest of the island of Gran Canaria. It is made of basaltic rock and began to form 14 million years ago, erosion caused it to separate from the cliff and give it that incredible shape of a hand pointing to the sky. The tropical storm Delta that hit the Canary Islands in 2005 caused it to split and it was recommended that it not be restored. Do you know of any similar formation?

4- The Aral Sea, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Located in Central Asia between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, it was once considered one of the largest lakes in the world, but has now been reduced to only 10% of its original area. In 1930 they began to build channels that drained the lake for economic reasons, and today has a high rate of pollution, no doubt this is a very important ecological disaster and should make us think.

5- Solomon Islands

This archipelago is located in the Pacific and consists of six large islands and more than a thousand islets. Due to human activity and its impact, five complete islets have already disappeared and five more are about to do so. It doesn't look like much because this archipelago has hundreds of more islets, but the implications of this sea rise are overwhelming. And you, do you look after your environment on a daily basis?

6- Blue Window, Malta.

Considered one of Malta's icons, this formation collapsed in March 2017. It was a limestone formation, which could not withstand a wave that hit it during a terrible storm. The Prime Minister said in his Twittery account that the country was shocked by what happened, as it was a very important symbol for the country. Did you have a chance to see it before it fell?

7- Platypus Rock, USA

This three-meter rock formation was in Oregon, and tourists used to sit on it to take pictures. Unfortunately, a group of eight tourists decided to push it to the ground, despite its importance and how famous it was. According to her testimony, the rock was dangerous because a friend of hers had broken her leg on it.

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Do you know of any other places that we can no longer visit or that have little time left to disappear? Together we could perhaps make a more complete list so that those that were beautiful places do not fall into oblivion.

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