Miss Wood floods the new map of Natura with blue

Miss Wood inunda de azul el nuevo mapa de Natura

Natura wanted a map, and she wanted a special map. We were willing to create something different, something that was both very Natura and very Miss Wood. As a main premise, we set out to make it something different. To keep the essence of the Miss Wood Woody Map but with a special touch. We started to spin the coconut, trying it a thousand and one times... And at the end of so many laps and so many tests we had an idea.

There are so many world maps that have "The Earth" as the main character... But, what if almost three quarters of the earth is covered by water? Why not give more prominence to the oceans? After trying an infinite number of shades of blue we finally found the ideal one and printed it on our already characteristic cork. And yes, this is how Natura by MISS WOOD was born. A limited edition of maps inspired by the blue of the oceans. An intense blue with which we invite you to dive into the depths. The two collaborators have joined forces to represent a world of water framed by ethnic motifs.

As with the different Woody Maps, this model can also be decorated with those gadgets that you like so much. From the Flags of the different countries, to the Miss Photos pack with the impression of your best moments. In short, a map that brings together the essence and values of two brands that we hope you'll like. You can find Natura by MISS WOOD in all Natura shops in the country. You can consult all the Natura points of sale here.

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